Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Consulting Faculty

Current Ph.D. Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Core Faculty

Nick Bambos
Communication networks, queueing systems

Jose Blanchet
Applied probability, mathematical finance, risk theory

Peter Glynn
Stochastic modeling, applied probability

Ashish Goel
Algorithms, computer networks

Ramesh Johari
Game theory, economic analysis, large-scale data

Amin Saberi
Algorithms, social networks

Aaron Sidford
Combinatorial optimization, algorithms

Benjamin Van Roy
Dynamic optimization, machine learning

Yinyu Ye

Affiliated Faculty

Itai Ashlagi
Market design, matching theory, game theory

Kay Giesecke
Credit risk modeling, financial networks

Sharad Goel
Computational social science

Warren Hausman
Supply chain management

Markus Pelger
Asset pricing, financial econometrics

Johan Ugander
Social networks, large-scale data

Emeritus Faculty

Richard Cottle

Curtis Eaves

Frederick Hillier

Donald Iglehart

David Luenberger

Walter Murray

Michael Saunders

Consulting Faculty

Peter Haas
Stochastic simulation

Gerd Infanger
Stochastic optimization, finance

Sam Savage
Decision making under uncertainty, finance

Current Ph.D. Students

AmirMahdi Ahmadinejad

Simon Anastasiadis

Imanol Arrieta Ibarra

Maria Dimakopoulou

Oliver (Ollie) Hinder

Suleyman Kerimov

Hannah Li

Xiaocheng Li

Lucy Lu

Ding Ma

Rahul Makhijani

Hongseok Namkoong

Stephen Ragain

Kiran Shiragur

Rob Wang

Yexiang Wei

Qingyun Wu

Carrie Wu

Teng Zhang

Zeyu Zheng

Postdoctoral Fellows

Nima Ahmadipouranari

Tanja Aitamurto

Vijay Kamble

Department of Management Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Stanford University